Car Body - Adding Detail

Page 2 - Headlight Swells


It's always nice adding the detail to a basic model shape... There isn't much gratifying about building a model until it starts to look like you intended! Therefore, continuing on right where we left off...


The outer square created by the first in a succession of three extrude inners in our previous step is for defining the lip of the swell. That forward sweeping stylish element common to a lot of 50's era cars.

Select the polygons in the top half of that extrusion


Using the move tool, simply move them along the Z axis, straight out from the surface of the car.



It's a start, but it's still really square. So how do we fix? Point manipulation!!!

(Did I just hear a groan?)

Select the points on the upper corners as shown.


Using the scale tool constrained to the X-axis, you can move (scale) these points inwards towards the center of the swell to eliminate at least some of the squareness.



Now, using the same method, select the points on the side of the lip of the swell.

Also note that some points are selected a certain distance back into the body on the outside above the wheel well. When these are included the result is to add a bit more of an even curvature from body to swell.


You can see the result of adding that extra curvature to the side of the body.

This swell is getting a lot rounder, but it still needs some work up top.


Select the points at the top of the swell. And similar to the previous step where we included the side of the car body in the points we manipulated, this time we'll tweak more of the top.

Include about two or three points back along the top of the swell.


Enabling our reference picture once again, we can move these points in such a manner as to match up to the curvature indicated in our side view.

Don't worry about including all points along the swell all the way back yet. Just take enough to distinguish the area we are working on.



We can see from the perspective view that although that helped the top of the swell curvature, more work must be done to achieve the right shape on the lip above the headlight.

Select the topmost polygons on the front surface of the lip.


From the side view, move those polygons forward in the Z axis direction to fill in the shape of our reference image more closely.


It's coming along nicely, but that's still an awfully fat lip!

Select the bottom point on the top of the lip edge, and we'll move it in such a manner as to tighten that ugly bulge up.

Like so.

That's a fairly decent lip now. I don't think the headlight rim there is in the most accurate spot however.

The best thing about HyperNURBS however is the adjustability! In the next step, we'll rework the rim to finish the headlight region - for now!