Car Trim

Door Handles



Here we have a fairly simple method for creating the exterior door handles, in the old push-button style. It starts off as most of our trim objects have, with spline projection and polygon extrusion. Throw in a polygon bridge and some minor point pushing near the end, and they can be done really simply.


Draw two rectangular linear splines in the side view that outline roughly where the door handle will attach to the body. I have used two 8-point closed splines... four corner points, and four midpoints on each side.




Use the bridge tool to create the four polygons on each side of the handle. Select all polygons




Using a combination of extrudes and bevels, and extrude inners, fashion a couple tapered 'posts'.


On the post that is closer to the back of the door, select the four face polygons. Use an extrude inner to size them down to a narrow rectangular shape, and then extrude them out to form a button.


Select some of the polygons that encompass the top of the button that were created on the previous step's extrude inner command. Extrude these polygons outwards similar to the button. They are meant to be something of a shield to the button...



Select one of the polygons as shown on each of the two posts. The points on the right of the left post have been moved inwards on the X axis slightly so the polygons slightly face each other.



Use the bridge tool to create a polygonal bridge between the two selected polygons. This forms the handle part.

Use the knife tool on the newly created handle polygons to make a couple more segments.




Project the splines to the ZY plane, and then copy the points from the spline structure manager to a new polygon object.


Push some points and polygons around in the handle polygons to add a little bit more bulk and even the look of the handle out.



And that more or less completes the handle!