Modeling cars with HyperNURBS

- Cinema 4D XL v6.0+

So it lives on...

Though the Chevy tutorial is dated by current Cinema 4D standards, portions of it remain somewhat viable. On the other hand, many plugins available since version 8 was released make much of this tutorial extraneous. Some of the techniques it teaches, I no longer even use myself (and cannot wholly recommend that anyone else learn to model this way!) - especially when the current release of C4D (v9+) has included many many more modeling features not covered here, which only make this method more cumbersome.

That being said, overwhelming popular demand has kept this tutorial alive far past its intended shelf-life, and in fact I am now looking at ways to update it. It surprised me to receive so much email calling for it to remain posted, from users who either were translating it to the current toolset or from users who were still running legacy versions of Cinema 4D. My site traffic reports say there are still several thousand visits to the tutorial pages each week, and I think I owe them an updated tutorial and perhaps a new one altogether. In the mean time, continue to learn what you can from this version.

- Jeff C.

Chev Bel Air Tutorial

1. Reference Material & Setup

2. Plan your attack/ HyperNURBS Principles

3. Car Body - General Shaping

4. Car Body - Adding Detail

a. Headlight Swells - Page 1

b. Headlight Swells - Page 2

c. Headlight Swells - Page 3

d. Side Panels

e. Tail Fins - Page 1

f. Tail Fins - Page 2

g. Tail Fins - Page 3

h. The Hood

i. The Trunk

j. Grill Opening

k.Panel Separation

l. Wheel Wells

m. Panel Thickness - Front - Page 1

n. Panel Thickness - Front - Page 2

o. Panel Thickness - Back - Page 1

p. Panel Thickness - Back - Page 2

q. Panel Thickness - Hood, Trunk, & Door

5. Wheels

a. Tire Shaping

b. Tire Texturing - Page 1

c. Tire Texturing - Page 2

d. Tire Texturing - Tread

e. Hub Cap

6. Trim

a. Chrome Strips - Page 1

b. Chrome Strips - Page 2

c. Grill - Page 1

d. Grill - Page 2

e. Front Bumper - Page 1

f. Front Bumper - Page 2

g. Rear Bumper

h. Hood Ornament

i. Crests/ Logos - Page 1

j. Crests/ Logos - Page 2

k.Crests/ Logos - Page 3

l. Headlights - Page 1

m. Headlights - Page 2

n. Headlights - Page 3

o. Tail Lights - Page 1

p. Tail Lights - Page 2

q. Tail Lights - Page 3

r. Spare Tire Housing

s. License Plates - Page 1

t. License Plates - Page 2

u. Antenna

v. Front Signal Lights

w. Windshield - Page 1

x. Windshield - Page 2

y. Side Vent Windows

z. Roof - Page 1

aa. Roof - Page 2

bb. Mirrors

cc. Door Handles

7. Beyond the Exterior

a. Chassis

b. Cab Interior Walls - Page 1

c. Cab Interior Walls - Page 2

d. Cab Interior Walls - Page 3

d. Dashboard

e. Seating

8. The End of the Road