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License Plate - Page 2



The license plate frame is but a diversionary piece of modeling. An added touch that when compounded with all the other added touches make for an exhaustive modeling project. Of course, it all helps the overall look. And it all helps build your HyperNURBS chops.

That being said, part two of the frame modeling is largely unnecessary, but is a little bit tricky to approach, so I thought it might be fun... and besides that I felt like doing it anyway.




And I'll wager some of you saw the chrome material coming a mile away... well, here it is.




The first thing I wanted to do to the frame was sharpen the roundness of the interior frame corners... in fact, this is as clear an example as I can provide about the effect of polygon density on mechanical edges, so listen up!

Select all polygons of the license plate frame object.


Use the knife tool to create a cut across each of the frame sides right near where they join together in the corners (as shown in the picture).

Make sure the knifecut is on the outside of the corner polygons, and you can see how the interior corner is sharpened. Repeat for all corners of the frame.


Now we will create a little lip on the bottom of the frame.

Use the knife tool to create cuts on the lower frame piece surrounding the area to be raised. Here I have used two knifecuts on each side of my intended lip to allow for a sharper transition between the frame and the lip.



Select the top polygon of this frame section, and use the Extrude tool to raise the polygon to about the height shown.


Keep just the one polygon selected that you extruded (don't select all like the picture shows... I don't know what I was thinking when I took that snapshot...)

Scale it down in just the X direction (width) so that it tapers the cage of the lip to a trapezoidal shape.


Oh yeah, NOW select all polygons... Then make two vertical knifecuts just to the inside of the top corners of the trapezoidal lip.

The end result is that these divisions sharpen the lip somewhat, so that it resembles the picture.


The plate as viewed positioned on the front bumper... in my opinion it looks rather plain... When you texture your car, you'll likely want to put a little more effort into the materials than I have so far... This is demonstration purpose only though right?




You might think by now we'd be running out of things to model as far as trim went... but you'd be wrong. It seems like here's always something more... Like the radio antenna.



And make sure to put a copy of the license plate in the back positioned like so.

(Sorry, I have to confess... I only used the number XL7 in a pathetic effort to stay current... I'm still rendering all these shots on XL 6.3) :-(