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Putting in the generic roof shape was fairly easy. Thankfully the Bel Air hardtops looks fairly modular so it looks fine to have done it separately from the main body. The trickier part however, will be in the addition of the detail. But don't worry, nothing you can't handle if you've made it this far.



These are the polygons to select to start the rear window. (All of the rear roof/wall polygons, both interior and exterior surfaces.)




Move some of the points on the side of the rear of the roof object to adjust the shape of the rear window outline. This just tweaks the geometry to more closely resemble the shape of an actual Bel Air rear window.


Return to the original polygon selection, and use the extrude tool to make these surfaces inset (and narrower), as the window glass would be. Be careful to maintain ample space between interior and exterior surface polygons, so there is no overlapping of the interior and exterior window surfaces.



Delete the polygons that were created in the middle of the rear window when you first did the extrude inner.



Select the points at the corners of the resulting gap and Set Value to 0. The hole will close shut, leaving a nice smooth continuous window surface across the plane of symmetry.



Here, I selected all polygons and made a knifecut just above the bottom window edge to sharpen the corners of the window opening and window object.

I then selected the polygons that made up the glass of the rear window and used the Split command to make them into a separate object.



I used the standard thickening method to ad some volume to the glass surfaces (copy/paste normals in structure manager, reverse normals, extrude slightly, etc.). Remember of course to add a nice glass material!

Just a few more details on the exterior and we can call it complete.



Use the extrude inner tool on these polygons and you can see where the outline of the rear window will come from...



Use the bridge tool to create an edge surface along the roof object where the glass surface was split away.

The select these polygons and run the Split command to make a duplicate object made from these polygons alone.


Select the polygons of the newly split object (that consists of those edge polygons alone. Use the 'thickening method' to turn these polygons into a chrome strip that runs around the edge of the opening.

One thing to consider is that you might want to add an extrude inner to the thickening steps to slightly widen the trim before the thickness extrude.

Another thing to remember is to clean up (delete) the polygons created on the symmetry plane by the extrusion process.



We can replicate this process on the underside of the side roof edge. Select the polygons, then use Split.

Select the polygons of the new object and 'thicken' them into a nice chrome strip.



Here's a render of the car WITH roof... it's been awhile coming, hasn't it?