Beyond The Exterior

Other Interior Walls



The other cab walls follow in the same technique as we just saw. Use as much of the existing exterior geometry to model from in creating the interior. Use copies of points in new polygon objects, and move the points as little as possible, and you'll be almost assured of retaining proper fit of surfaces to one another.

Below, you can see the door was done in exactly the same way as whe wall on the previous page. However, I did adjust the front of the interior wall so it allowed the exterior to overlap. You will see there is also a pocket when I do the front portion of the side wall. This is intended to allow for the hinge area in car doors, that enable the doors to swing freely without having visually noticeable hinges on the car exterior...



Below you can see the door and also the bottom runner completed. To make the door more realistic, you can accessorize it however you'd like. I suggest a combination of geometry (i.e. handles and ashtrays and arm bars, etc.) and some texturing (i.e. quilted looking leather/vinyl interior, cloth interior etc...). Geometry is easy enough to do, especially when strating on a nice flat surface like that... and texturing is also a breeze, using flat projection.


The front of the side cab wall is pretty easy too, using the point copying techniques... however, I went so far as to create the little pocket for the hinges in there too... basically one edge of the surface meets up with the cab exterior door edge, and the other side of the wall extends to meet the edge of the interior door wall.


To finish off the basic walling of the cab, a simple front wall (with ample leg room!) is an easy to construct polygonal surface. The top portion creates a simple basis for the instrumentation & dash board. Feel free to model as much of the instrumentation as you'd like. Keep in mind, you're probably wasting time though unless you plan some interior shots!!! The actual dashboard beneath the windshield can be started very much like the shelf beneath the rear window. (Yup. Point copying & pasting, and bridging!).